Anne Fella – Skin Care Products

2016-10-29-09-52-43After my son was born in 1978 my skin became like the skin of an teenager, I went to doctors gynies and even a skin specialist, and the answer was all the same I must just wait it will get better, well it did not get any better so I tried with different products on the market with no change to my skin, and that was when I started experimenting with natural products like aromatherapy oils and herbs.

Today 36 years later and I am still using my own moisturizer and a few other products that I make.

I did and intensive herbal course through the Herbal society of S A. and learned so much about herbs, organics’ and health. Now the logo of my product is” For your well-being naturally”. The skin is our biggest organ, and what you rub on to the skin gets absorbed into the body. And that made me so aware of different products.

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