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Meet us! We are a group of passionate young graduates from the Velisa Africa Academy. We are using the skills and knowledge we have gained to run an ethical business with a difference!

My name is Simon Nhlapo and I am 24 years old. I am from Evaton Vaal, Gauteng.

I have BSc in Information Technology and Honours in Computer Science and Information Systems. I am passionate about becoming involved in the digital marketing and sales aspects of our Green E-Marketplace. Having created a simple business plan, I now look forward to negotiating with suppliers, and to promotion of the business. I need practical experience of the real world and personal development skills. I would like to be nurtured in to a fully grown and professional person and that Velisa Africa can do perfectly.

We started the project in February 2016 and I am gaining experience through being able to do my own work on this online store. I have already learned how to start a business and I am looking forward to practicing leadership, accountability, teamwork and responsibility.

My name is Siyambonga Dumezweni. I am 23 years old from Khayelitsha, Cape Town, Western Cape. I did B Com Information Systems. My passion: Going “Green”! I am making sure that what you do does not harm the community and the environment. I am passionate about playing a part in limiting this issue of people not caring about their environment, by selling things manufactured in a green way through Velisa “Let’s Go Trade” online green e-market place.

I am fresh from university and I need some good foundations to be ready for real world work and Velisa is the best place to be for that. Velisa provides us with industry-related work foundations by offering us classic training courses and work-experiences that are facilitated by professional people. I consider myself fortunate and appreciative to be part of this amazing nurturing process, thanks Velisa Africa Academy.

The online store project is one of the best initiatives I have ever been part of. There a lot to learn from this project, from the customer relations skills, sales skills, negotiations skills, team work skills, e-commerce (Business to Customer), and more.

My name is Misho Mathebula and I am 23years old from Protea Glen, Soweto.

I attained my National Diploma at the Vaal University of Technology and along with my career development, I am passionate about the environment and our health as humans. Mother Nature itself should be a beautiful place and needs to be protected by us to secure the next generation’s future.

Let’s Go Trade will help us achieve this by selling products which are not harmful to the environment or people around it.

We started in February 2016 and 6 months later in “Let’s Go Trade”, I wish to have gained E-business skills as well as Business Analytics skills.

I am Keishia Blouws, a 23 year old B Com Law graduate from the University of The Western Cape. I had the option of either going into law or doing my honours degree in Information System (IS) as IS was my major in varsity. I decided to explore the opportunity with Velisa Africa, as they were giving me the chance to gain both experience as well as learn things I have not yet learned about the working environment. I had to relocate from Cape Town to Johannesburg for a period of 6months. My aim is to make a difference as far as I possibly can and the programme with Velisa allows me to explore major opportunities such as starting an online store supporting businesses that practice green principles. I am a passionate and positive person who is inspired by technology and also helping others reach their potential.

My name is Xolisa Mlamla, 23 years old. I am from Khayelitsha, Cape Town. I did a BSc in Computer Science and Information Systems. I am passionate in saving the environment and the communities that we live in. This is mainly because the world we live in is dying and there are not enough people dedicated t doing something to save it, therefore I decided to be involved in this project to be part of the people who are making this world a better place.

I am here because I need maximum experience in a BA(Business Analyst) position and being involved with Velisa Africa has taught me more about my role as a BA and how to structure and make sure that the business needs of the organisation pertaining to the IT infrastructure are catered for and are more aligned with the business strategy.

The Green E-Marketplace will give me experience in managing my working life and help me ensure that all deliverables of a project are managed and also that each and every aspect of a project completed.

My name is Tessa Mathavha and I am 24 years old from Ha-Mulima, Louis Trichard. I obtained my BSC in Computer Sciences at the University of Venda in 2015.  I am passionate, not only about my career but also about the health of people. I believe that good health is determined by clean environment, “green” products that are used on daily basis and healthy food. Let’s Go Trade will help because it will be selling products that are not harmful to environment as well as people.  Being at Velisa Academy is a great opportunity for me because it is providing programs that are helping to build my personality and exposing me to the work environment.  I am part of young graduates who are developing “Let’s Go Trade” online store from scratch. In 6 months we hope to have taken his concept to reality. After working on this project I am sure that I will have good analytical skills, e-commerce knowledge, negotiation skills and leadership skills.

Please let us know if we can assist with any queries.

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