The Hot Box

As a child, I remember the excitement when my Mum got her “Haybox” (now known as a “Hot Box”). The magic of cooking without much energy still inspires me today.

I married a girl with a severely disabled son, who could not chew or talk. He ate Yoghurt. I was using 5 litres of yoghurt a week, which is a bit costly. So, I decided to make it myself, but the problem was retaining the correct temperature for a long period. I decided that I had to find a way of keeping temperatures even, for a long time. That’s what gave rise to me making my Hot For You Hotbox! I use it for all of my stews and soups, rice, beans sometimes just to hide my secret stash of chocolate from my wife 

My “Hot Box” was seen by my friends, who also asked for one and I discovered that it makes an unusual gift for when I have no idea what to get someone. My friends in Zimbabwe use it to make cheeses all the time. They needed it especially because cheese needs even temperature for a long time and the power grid in Zim is apparently wonky.

Is it handmade? Yes! Is it perfect? No! Does it work? Yessss!!! They work, without complaint any time, day or night!

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