Sazi iAfrika

The idea started from small, rural beginnings born out of the desire to earn some income! Despite my education, I have always felt at home with the Arts, so, when I couldn’t find employment, I started working with materials.

My dream is to see “Sazi iAfrika” as a well-known name in quality bag designing and African crafting. I would like to grow the business, employ and train mostly young people from rural, “disadvantaged” communities and I have plans to include fashion designing (dress and shoe making) to the brand in the future.

As Sazi explains: “I want to motivate the youth to become entrepreneurs, because this is one of the routes to escape the unemployment problem we currently have in the country”.

Customers are attracted to the products because, Sazi iAfrika offers a range of unique hand and machine sewed African design bags and bracelets. The design and material used in making the craft complement each other and attracts lovers of African art.

The product is unique as it has an African character created by an African person, containing designs and also my use of materials is all African inspired. For regular customers, I would also work on some personalisation for a customer e.g. if the customer wanted to have a name on the products.

The products are also manufactured from recycled materials. The practices that are currently in place in their working environment is that they recycle materials and re-use them to manufacture the bags. Therefore the products are unique and the materials are only found in South Africa.

“Help change the youth of SA by cutting unemployment out of South Africa. And Go green, the planet will thank you right back.”

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