Now & Foreva

Unique, inter-changeable, high-quality crystals and fresh-water pearls jewellery pieces, professionally hand-crafted with sterling silver, into necklaces & earrings.

Originally designed for brides and bridesmaids to match outfits, these absolutely stunning pieces are only made with the finest materials and with personal pride.

The shepherds-hook and the crystal/pearl settings (not glued, but individually set) will ensure that this purchase is long-lasting investment. The necklace is a 3-in-1 piece. It can be lengthened with the addition of further back or front pieces or sections can be changed to reflect different colour options. The earrings are also specifically crafted so that the colours are interchangeable.

The reason that Now & Foreva works with only hand-crafted jewellery, is because customers are seeking meaningful pieces, which have been personally crafted by a goldsmith for them.

The jewellery is unashamedly expensive, as it is a unique and precious combination of rare raw materials and craftsmanship. The pieces will be remarked upon as being special and will provide variety in different looks, which, in the long-run, saves money!

Bracelets to follow.

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