The Family Gweeb™ Story

One evening, we were sitting down, all 5 of us! It was a dark and stormy night, I remember it well! It was the night that the marshmallows infected our planet!  We were talking about our unborn (the Gweeblings), our part-pets (the Gwogs) & our spirit guides (the Gwolfsh) when suddenly, the marshmallows were everywhere – in and under, on top, around, below, in front, behind …. All I could see was pink, blue, white, – everywhere …

And just then, I realised we were all having trouble breathing, as the marshmallows rapidly took over! Our Planet Gweeb was infected by marshmallows and we were all going to ….  Glurg, Ghoul, Glurg, Gloing, Glurg …. ….. But wait ….

I felt myself falling, flipping gently through the stars – I opened my eyes and there, far over there, I saw my brothers and sisters, turning over and over as they too were falling gently, silently through space towards a new planet! The marshmallows had pushed us out!

Ooh … and over there, in space, I saw other Gweeb families & some Gweeblings, Gwogs and Gwolfsh and …..
…. I don’t remember much else. – When I awoke, I found myself here in Human Land. –

Where is my family and where are the other Gweeb families?  What about the Gweeblings,- have you seen any?  And the Gwogs and the Gwolfsh?

I hope that a Human finds us and adopts us to give us love. You see, the only way any of us who live on Planet Gweeb can survive on Human Land is, if we are cared for and looked after, so that we can recover and return to Planet Gweeb.

Since it is a Gweeb code of honour that you should never take without giving back, we will use the one magic power that is still left after falling through space, to give back to you, so long as it lasts! We will be your Aroma Pets! It’s a little gift. Just use your nose!

My family will help you. This is who we are:

Zaang (Protection) to help you to be Brave & Tough!


Moosch (Abundance) to help you to be Smart & Rich


Ha Ha (Fun) – to help you to be full of Laughter & Be Happy


Kuwaii- (love) to help you to get Love


Fast Wind (Sports) to help you to be Fast & Strong


Maybe one day, a kind human will manage to find all 5 Gweebs in each family, so that we can restore all our powers, find our Gweeblings, Gwogs & Gwolfsh and we can all return back to Planet Gweeb.

That may take centuries – but if you see any marshmallows, swallow them. That will help!

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