Who are we? One bright light of hope! That’s us!

Let’s Go Trade was founded for and operates with talented young professionals working with Velisa Africa. These are South Africa’s future digital leaders, who have the best of both worlds: Talent and Young Minds, not yet hemmed in by the constraints of stressful business- lives. Their thinking is fresh, innovative and fearless! There is no challenge that will stop them from reaching their goal, which is to take local small business to the world! These are South Africa’s future leaders and with you, we help to improve the level of education in South Africa and to be a part of a real and dramatic change in the lives of the South African youth.

Our Business

Our business practices fair trade with suppliers who themselves practice fair trade, plus “green” principles and behaviour. One of the main reasons for going green is that future growth is hampered by diminishing natural resources. We need to develop new technologies, products, foods and services which do NOT destroy the planet. The manufacturing of products should not harm the environment.   As such, all of us need to pay special attention to the principles of the items we use in our daily lives, and understand that re-use, reclaimed, re-cycled actually enhances our lives and offers no lesser quality in the items that we use.

Our Goal

Our goal is to support the production of products that are less harmful to the planet and society as a whole.  We look for eco-friendly products where the manufacturer can demonstrate their products help with any of the following principles:

  • Protecting the environment, through reclaimed, re-used, upcycling or recycling materials.
  • Using organic, non-toxic, natural, or sustainable materials.
  • Reducing water consumption and conserving energy.
  • Having a zero / minimal carbon footprint
  • Preventing any cruelty to animals
  • Where there are ethical behavioural and employment practices.
  • Supporting local communities or the under-privileged.
  • Caring about our environment and the well-being of all of our people.
  • Share a proudly South African vision

Our Dream

Our dream is to create a vibrant and global marketplace for anyone who accepts that as humans, we can turn around our behaviours simply by exercising our conscience around all of the decisions we make every day. We want to create a community of people, who are prepared to walk with us, towards the light, by caring about the consequences of what we do on earth. Part of this journey is practicing ethical, caring, collaborative growth principles in everything we do, including our shopping decisions.

With the friction, failures, doom and disaster surrounding our planet and the people on it, we want to make a change and get it right! This is a place for like-minded people to gather and support each other in their everyday lives. We encourage anyone who holds these same values to contribute to the future re-growth and survival of our planet, by making a difference and trading with us.


We want to raise awareness to all organizations out there, that there are many alternative methods that can be utilized in order to play a part in saving the environment and most importantly give people quality products that are not harmful to them or to the environment.  Our hopes lie in being able to create an interlinked chain of people and organizations, all with the same purpose … health, happiness, hope, helping each-other create a better life for ourselves and our planet.

Help us to build a better world, by helping us to reach out to as many people as we can, and support the purchase of our carefully chosen products.

Read more about our products and our team, or give us a shout below for any queries or comments you might have!

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