Out Out Damn Itch!!

There are two kinds of itches; one that is that maddening itch to laugh, but at totally inappropriate times! It gets so bad that when you are in a meeting at work you cannot even concentrate on a word that is being spoken, you just grit your teeth and clutch a chair.

Then there is this other kind of itch which is almost pleasurable to scratch, at some point you would think that if you had to have this itch for the rest of your life, then there will be no reason/point for living. Scratching it leaves your skin sore and broken!


For Problem Itch 1: Laugh out Loud anyway!
For Problem Itch 2: Khoisan Anti-Itch & Sanitising Spray

This natural based alcohol sanitizer is used to relieve an itchy skin or scalp and disinfects hands and surfaces. It contains kraalbos which is anti-fungal and fragranced with lemongrass.

Personal experience: I come from the north and the weather there is always high so I’ve had an itchy scalp all my life so I thought when I came to Johannesburg I wouldn’t have to worry about itchy scalp. Sadly the itchiness continued. I tried so many products but none of them showed a change for me UNTIL I found the Khoisan anti-itch & sanitising spray on Lets Go Trade, which cooled and soothed my scalp and after that the itch was relieved.

– Tiyiselani Zitha

Naturally Good : Khoisan Anti-Itch & Sanitising Spray (250ml)

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