What does your wallet say about you?

How your wallet is designed comes with a lot of personality traits: We are all quit familiar with wallets with the most common ones being “The black leather wallet more cooperative person”; The colourful material wallet more fun and outgoing person”

The black leather wallets are considered as business and more cooperative people as for normal working people they also like it because it lasts long and doesn’t break quickly.

As for the colourful material wallets is mostly for outgoing and people that likes to have fun.

So the wallets we have at IWD are made out of tyre and would be suitable for business people and outgoing people.

IWD wallets make the perfect gift for you, a loved one or friends. They are long-lasting, practical and stylish. More importantly, they are eco-friendly and are made of high-yield textile cop which make use of minimal pesticides. IWD wallets are highly durable and have extended lifespan.

The products do sometimes start-off with a rubber smell. But says Colleen, as one uses the product, the smell wears off. I use my products all the time. “The wallet I am using at the moment has got shinier and there is no rubber smell at all”.

From experience there have been only a handful of people that have commented on it and they are normally people that generally don’t like the smell of rubber in any form. Most people embrace the fact that the products are up cycled and are amazed at what has been made out of.

We are up cycling, doing our bit to save the tubes and other waste from ending up in landfill and creating up skilling and employment. Tyres tubes take over 1000 years to bio- degrade.

Personal experience

In my own personal experience I had a leather wallet and it cost me a lot about R200.00 to R 350.00 and didn’t even last me 5 months then the button broke off, So I decided to buy me a IWD wallet to test it and I come to love it. For the past 4 months nothing has broken and is still going strong and didn’t even cost me that much, about R82.00.

  • Strengths- The wallet would last much longer and has a good feeling to it.
  • Weakness-The only problem I had with the wallet was that it doesn’t have a coin holder.
  • Threat – The threat was the rubber smell to the wallet in the first week but after a while it would be gone.
  • Opportunity- Taking the experience to add a coin holder would be a booster to the product.

– Fabian Weimers

IWD : Mens Wallet 2

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