Why switch to aquazyme phosphate free washing powder?

Are you tired of washing your clothes more than twice to remove the stains? Well here is the solution for your lifetime problem.

Being one of those essentials, we often don’t think much about laundry detergent and usually buy the same brand every week – sometimes even using more than we need to. But with gels, pods, powders and liquids saturating the market, finding out what’s best can save you money, improve results and give the environment a helping hand.

Smelly detergents

There are fragrance free detergents available in the market place, but most tend to have a fragrance of some description, if anything just to let the manufacturer sell more products by putting different fragrances into the same basic formula. Assessing fragrance is very subjective, so take a good whiff before you buy, as some smells can be quite grating for some.

  • Aquazyme is a biological , environmental friendly washing powder detergent based on natural based ingredients’ and enzymes that is ideal for healthcare and hospitality industries

So why switch to aquazyme phosphate free washing powder?

Products benefits:

  • Benefit #1: the product is 100% biodegradable and eco friendly.
  • Benefit #2: ideal for healthcare and hospitality industries
  • Benefit #3: triple –enzyme action
  • Benefit #4: low toxicity
  • Benefit #5: plant-based ingredients

Personal experience!!!!

I’ve always had problems when it comes to doing my laundry on weekends since that is the only time I have do to it,  I had to soak my clothes overnight before washing them UNTIL I tried the new phosphate free washing powder made with plant-based ingredients which  made my clothes to be stainless and brightly white with less effort. Now I can’t even wait for the weekend because I know I do not have to use all my energy to make my clothes clean. Thanks to my Aquazyme washing powder.

– Tiyiselani Zitha

Naturally Good : Natural Aquazyme Washing Powder (1KG/5KG)

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