Keep Calm

Pets are human being’s best friends. Can you imagine how difficult it is to have a friend who is shy to go out with you and does not feel comfortable being around people? How difficult would it be when that person is sick?

Calming blend has a solution for you which can help you with your pets (horses, dogs and cats), so that they can be comfortable being around people. You will be able to drive with them, and take a walk with them without fearing that they might run away from those explosive blow during festive seasons.They will also feel comfortable inside the car.

In my personal experience I have seen a lot of pets, especially dogs and cats, being reported lost with a notice board with information about the owner. A reward for a person who will find the pets is usually also offered. Those pets may have been hit by a car, or have been tortured by people; as a result it them getting lost through fearing other people. With calming blend, you have a solution that can help your pets to stay calm.

You can buy the calming blend with an amount ranging from R92 to R166 to calm your pets, rather than spending a lot more money by taking it to a specialist doctor or hospital. With calming blend, you will spend a lot less on the product, and save more.

– Katlego Luther Mahlako

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