Do we eat food that we want or enjoy everyday?

Do we eat food that we want or enjoy everyday?

We are what we eat, therefore food is playing a big role in our body. We know the food that makes us feel good every time we eat them. You will agree with me when you tired and hungry you don’t think of any special or expensive dish, you just want something delicious. We say food is delicious when its “warm” and “tasty”.

Warm food lightens, strengthen and warms us. When we see the steam going up from the food we get encouraged to eat, the steam makes us believe that the food is still fresh and that motivates us more. After eating warm food we feel energized so we don’t go straight to bed after eating then that gives our body more time to digest easily which is good for our body. The energy will also helps us when we have to wake up in the morning.

But one cannot enjoy just warm food, it needs to be tasty at the same time. That’s where salt gets in now to make our food enjoyable. The food doesn’t make any sense when its tasteless. Salt is also good for our body, salt is one of the things that makes our body to be healthy and look able. Warm tasty food becomes our smile keeper in our dining table, helps us not to forget about table manners.

Everyone is now asking what can make my food to be warm and tasty. Here is your answer

Hot Box

Hot box will keep your food warm at all times. Micro-oven days are over, with your hot box there is no need of waiting for some time to make your food warm. Your hot box will keep your food ready for you when you come back from work.

Fossil Rock Salt

Who want to sit on that bench waiting for a doctor to call you inside consultation room, no one right. Fossil rock salt will be your doctor this time as it will take care of your heart no matter what. No more day off for check-ups, fossil rock salt is here to keep you healthy. Get your tasty healthy packet of salt now. Enjoy your food.

– Penny Mathebula

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