Naturally Good : Natural Aquazyme Washing Powder

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50-80ml per 5kg wash. Machine & hand wash.  Soothing on skin (eczema).  Phosphate-free.


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Available in 1KG or 5KG.


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Aquazyme is a biological, environmentally friendly powder laundry detergent based on natural based ingredients and enzymes that is ideal for healthcare and hospitality industries. It effectively removes dirt and stains such as blood, grass, sauces, cocoa, perspiration, human waste and other body odours.

Product Benefits

  • 100% Biodegradable and Eco-friendly
  • Ideal for Healthcare and Hospitality Industries
  • Triple – Enzyme Action
  • Low Toxicity
  • Plant-based ingredients
  • Concentrated
  • Can be used in hard and soft water
  • Pleasant fragrance
  • Use at lower temperatures – thereby saving energy


  • Anionic Surfactants, Non-Ionic Surfactants: <30%
  • Silicates, Citrates, Carbonates, Gluconates: <30% each
  • Fragrance, Antifoam: <5%
  • Enzymes <5%

Directions for Use

  • For medium duty washing purposes, add 50grams Aquazyme washing powder per 5kgs laundry.
  • For Heavier duty cleaning, add 100grams Aquazyme per 5kg laundry.
  • For best results wash laundry at a temperature of 40˚C – 50˚C.
  • For very tough stains, use as a pre-soak before normal wash: Add 100grams Aquazyme to 5Lts of water and soak for at least 30 minutes. Wash garments as usual.
  • Do not wash at temperatures higher than 55⁰C.
  • Do not mix with other detergents and bleaches.
  • Not to be used for silk and other delicate fabrics.


Even though the product is considerably less harmful than traditional detergents, general safety should still be adhered to, such as:

  • Do not ingest the product
  • Do not mix with other detergents
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Weight 1010 g
Dimensions 16.5 × 22 cm


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Made from Natural, Plant Based sources.
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